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Writing, Editing, & Coaching

Service Details

Individual Coaching

Current Availability: Not Available

Our favorite! Contact for specific pricing & availability. Let us work with you step by step to ensure your content is perfect.


You will receive one-on-one support throughout your project from a coach who will offer encouragement, feedback, editing, and accountability.


Prepaid multi-month packages are available to a limited number of clients. Think of this like a gym membership for your writing customized to your own needs and goals from start to finish. Your coaching begins with a face-to-face meeting to determine a personalized timeline and package details.

Editing & Proofreading

Current Availability: Very Limited

Our editors can work hourly, per-project, or on retainer to fit your needs. If you have a one-time project, see editing rate examples below.


Single projects priced individually:

Resume - $100

CV - $150

Cover Letter - $80

Essay ( < 10 pgs) - starting at $150

Value packages:

Job Seeker Combo - starting at $230

Applicant Combo - starting at $275

Larger projects: ~$80/1000 words

Comprehensive editing for books, articles, dissertations, proposals, long essays, digital copy, and other ongoing projects. Includes two rounds of editing so we can answer all your questions and offer robust feedback.

Custom Writing

Current Availability: Not Available

If your business needs content support, you're in the right place. Our talented writers have experience across many industries, and we can provide copy that engages your readers while building your brand.


We've written blog posts, web copy, sales copy, and SEO copy that our clients loved. Plus, you can rest assured that your brand will still sound like you when we're finished with it.


Rates start at $.50/word

Contact us to discuss your project, volume, and timeline. We especially love working with agencies who are also providing high-level support to their clients!

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